Задания к уроку 3 

О возрасте - о годах, о юности, зрелости и старшинстве!


Задание 1


Прочитайте текст, переведите выделенные слова и ответьте на заданный в конце текста вопрос: 


How old should one be to be "old"? 


When someone describes a person's age, saying he is (1)"old", (2)"young" or (3)"middle-aged", how do you know what his age really is? And how old should one be to be "old"? 


The matter is that such words do not have a precise meaning.. So the answers we get to these questions depend on the people they are given by! Because what is old for a (4)teenager would be young for a (5)senior citizen! And what is "young" for an old man, can seem (6)"ageing" for a person (7)in his early twenties.. 


Some people even refer to the words "young" or "old" as synonyms to (8)"strong, healthy an happy"  an (9)"weak, ill and unhappy" correspondingly.. so, everything depends on the person.  


And what is your idea of being "young" and "old"? 


1.старый 2.молодой 3.среднего возраста 4.тинейджер 5.старшего поколения 6.стареющий 7.слегка за двадцать 8.сильный, здоровый и счастливый 9.слабый, больной и несчастный


Задание 2


Заполните пропуски, вставив одно из данных слов:  

teenager, adult, senior, old, young, youth, adult, underage 


  1. I can't wear a mini-skirt, I think it is only for the ____________! 

  2. How old is your son? - Oh, he is still a __________, but he will be 20 next week! 

  3. She looks wonderful, it seems she has found a secret to eternal ___________. 

  4. How old should one be to be called __________ in your country? 

  5. Under British law ____________ is someone who has reached 18 years old. 

  6. Some supermarkets in our city have special discount hours for ____________ citizens. 

  7. You are not allowed to by alcohol if you are _____________. 

  8. My friend's grandmother Lucy is, of course, an _________ old lady, but she is still very elegant. 


1.young 2.teenager 3.youth 4.adult 5.adult 6.senior 7.underage 8.old

Задание 3


Расскажите о членах своей семьи, использовав как можно больше слов о возрасте, которые вы узнали из этого урока.




Задание 4 


Переведите данные предложения с русского на английский, используя фразы из первой части урока:


  1. Моему папе только что исполнилось 50. 

  2. Они все старше моей сестры. 

  3. Какого он возраста? 

  4. Его брату уже за тридцать.

  5. Мои братья почти вдвое старше меня. 

  6. Когда мы встретимся, ей как раз исполнится тридцать. 

  7. Ваши сестры - одного возраста?


1.My father is just out of his forties.  2.They are all older than my sister 3.What is his age? 4.His brother is already over thirty. 5.My brothers are nearly twice as old as I am. 6.When we meet she will be just out of her twenties. 7.Are your sisters of the same age? 

Задание 5

Заполните пропуски, вставив early, mid- или late:


  1. 13-14 = in his/her ____________  teens

  2. 37-39 = in his/her ____________ thirties

  3. 44-46 = in his/her ____________ -forties

  4. 21-23 = in his/her ____________  twenties

  5. 64-67 = in his/her ____________ -sixties

  6. 57-59 = in his/her ____________  fifties


1.early 2.late 3.mid 4.early 5.mid 6.late